2e Kerstdag met Money and the Man

2e Kerstdag met Money and the Man
2e Kerstdag met Money and the Man


26 december 2017    


O.J.C. De Klos
Meldestraat 2A, Emmeloord, 8302 VB

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Dinsdag 26 dec. Money and the Man
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Money is a sham and real men don’t exist anymore. Music today is dominated by computers that will take over the world!

Do you experience the above complaints? Are you afraid that everything is fake nowadays? Money & The Man is the true medicine against this.

Garage bluesduo Money & The Man shows how music was ever intended. Raw, sincere, exciting, loud and vile, thrown at you during intense live shows. These two youngsters from Zwolle will amaze you with their mature sound, heavily influenced by genuine blues, indie and rock ‘n’ roll.

After a merciless jam session in 2013 schoolmates Henk Wesselink and Ymte Koekkoek decided to form a band together. No more than a guitar, vocals (Henk) and drums (Ymte) were necessary to make a thick, dynamic overall sound. Soon they conceived their debut demo called ‘Dance’ and from that moment Money & The Man was ready to break loose.

As if chased by the devil the two played an impressive 30 live shows in 2014. Festivals like Zwarte Cross and Bevrijdingsfestival, radio shows like 3FM and Radio Veronica and performances (Zwarte Cross, RosRock, Popronde, Eurosonic/Noorderslag) proved that Money & The Man had struck hard on the planet. And the shock wave expands: now they have passed the 150 in just three years. Their newest EP called Riddles will be released on the 10th of march via BERT-Music and their first single from their upcoming EP has just released and is available via Spotify.

The world should be saved by men with an authentic rock ‘n’ roll mentality. That’s why we need Money & The Man!